The Fresh Collective aims to raise the profile of its members, and support their respective endeavors and contributions to the food world. Whether it’s connecting in person at a co-working session or issue-based workshops; participating in the group’s shared online community (where members can ask and share tangible advice on everything from finding a great plumber to financing tips); or taking part in a series of insightful events, the network hopes to bring women food entrepreneurs together to collaborate, support, and shine light on one another’s work.

Maggie Battista and Leigh Belanger started The Fresh Collective with input from an introductory advisory team that includes Irene Shiangli, Lauren Friel, Catherine Smart, Shelby Larsson, Jennifer Mason, and several others. In order to run smoothly and grow, The Fresh Collective requires a website, hosting fees, member processing, private community management, and a small team to do social and administrative tasks. For a limited time, the Fresh Collective is a free service to new members who are accepted into the group. Shortly, we’ll charge a small annual fee to keep the group operating and thriving.

We process new members manually and appreciates your patience. Once accepted, you’ll receive special access to a private online community, the opportunity to join in-real-life co-working sessions, and you’ll be the first to hear about larger-scale events to learn, network, grow, and thrive.